This website is a precarious assemblage

Hello, the link you just clicked is no longer valid. This website was published in April 2014, and that's a long time ago in the world of online video. Things have changed since then: Blip changed its hosting policy in November 2014, then closed down in 2015, the Community Media Center of Marin stop using Miro Community to aggregate their producers' videos, Frankie Woods deleted some of his videos from YouTube, amongst other things. So, the links to these things no longer work, and as I come across the broken links I send them here.

For a while I sought out alternative links that more or less preserved the point I was making on the relevant web page, but as time has gone on this has got harder to do. That's because this website is an ethnographic representation of three groups of people and the technologies they used during a particular period of time. As time has moved on these groups have changed their composition and practices, and some of the technologies work in different ways, have ceased to exist, or have been replaced. In fact, to keep this website up-to-date, my ethnographic investigation would have to be permanently on-going, which is neither practical nor desirable. Instead, I plan to conduct a short, three month ethnography in 2016 to take a snapshot of the situation today, and produce a new version of this website which will present a longitudinal study of the producer groups. It will examine how things have changed since 2011/12, when the original ethnography this website was based on was conducted. I will also reflect there upon the precariousness of hypermedia visual ethnographies as a representational mode.

Finally, many of the broken links on this website can be understood as a consequence of the underlying instability of the assemblages the different producers created to distribute their videos, a discussion of which can be found here.