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Featured Product

SCIEX Echo(R) MS system: Accelerating drug discovery with acoustic ejection mass spectrometry

When time to result matters, you can lean on the Echo(R) MS system to deliver. The Echo(R) MS system from SCIEX is a unique pairing of acoustic ejection technology with mass spectrometry as the detection system that will help HT-ADME groups decrease turnaround time, decrease their cost/sample, reduce the number of iterations in the process, all while increasing confidence in their assay results and data. Accelerate drug discovery, making go/no-go decisions sooner in the process than with traditional LC-MS/MS approaches.

Product Specifications
Sampling method Accoustic ejection
Sampling speed Up to 3 sample/second
Sample ejection volume >/= 2.5 nL (greater than or equal to)
Detection system SCIEX 6500+ triple quad system
Supported plate formats 384PP or 1536LDV microplates