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Research Spotlight: Disseminate Your Research With Us

A person's hand holding a pen poised over a graph in a scientific paper.
Credit: iStock.

We know how important disseminating your findings is when working in research, but also how challenging it can be to find opportunities to do so aside from presenting posters and talks at conferences. So, we want to address this!

Technology Networks is spearheading a project to help researchers raise the profile of their work, get their papers seen by a wider audience and increase coverage of some of the fantastic research papers out there that may not get much media attention.

To do this, we are working to encourage researchers to contribute short, original articles summarizing the key motivations, results and impacts of their papers published within the last year. We appreciate this can be a daunting task, especially when everyone is so busy, so to try and make this process as quick, consistent and easy as possible, we’ve created a downloadable template to guide you through the process.

The document provides:

• A structured template broken into easy-to-complete sections

• Guidance on what needs to be included and points to consider

• Section length recommendations

• Instructions on how to submit completed templates to our editorial team

There is a lot of great research output and a very engaged audience that wants to hear about it, so share your work with us!

Download the template and guidance for FREE now!