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A 12 well plate containing red media.
Product News

Proteintech Genomics Launches First Commercially Available Solution for the Detection of Intracellular Proteins for Single-Cell RNAseq Experiments

Proteintech Genomics, a subsidiary of Proteintech Group, inc., and a provider of multiomic solutions for single-cell and spatial analysis, announced the launch of the MultiPro™ Human Fixed Cell Immune Profiling Antibody Cocktail.
A scientist holding up a 96-well plate.
Product News

PharmaKure Announces Study Success for Novel Blood Test To Identify Biomarkers in Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

Study confirms ALZmetrixTM whole blood test can detect people at high risk of developing full Alzheimer’s Disease.
A microarray result.
Product News

Sengenics Corporation Launches I-Ome Discovery To Advance Immune Biomarker Discovery and Development

Microarray-based solution enables deeper investigations of the humoral immune response in disease biology.
A scientist holding up a vial.
Product News

SMi Systems Secures UK Patent for Breakthrough Single Molecule Imaging Capabilities

The super-resolution optical technology will accelerate discovery in biomedical research and transform in vitro diagnostics.
A blue and white capsule in half with drug molecules in between.
Product News

Biosynth Extends Its Offering to Multi-Kilogram GMP Peptide Synthesis Through the Acquisition of Pepceuticals

The acquisition of multi-kilogram GMP and fill-finish capabilities enables the support of all phases of the
product life cycle from discovery to commercialisation.
A lentivirus.
Product News

Highly Sensitive and Precise In Vivo Luminescence Imaging

AMSBIO announce a new range of pre-made Nano-Lantern lentivirus products that utilize a proprietary lentiviral vector system to enable highly sensitive and precise in vivo luminescence imaging.